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To book an appointment, click on the ConnectMed logo above.

Only our regular doctors have their appointments available for online booking. Consultations are 15 minutes. If you think you may need longer or you have other family members to be seen with you please book an extra appointment.

If there are no appointments available for your doctor and you need an appointment please phone for advice. We have a registrar available who is able to see patients for all of our doctors, or a nurse may be able to help you.

Dr Heather Peacock is away from 9 February until 9 March, returning Monday 12 March.

Dr Arthur Collins is away from 23 February to 23 March, returning Monday 26 March.

Dr Ellie McDougall will be available for Dr Peacock and Dr Collins’┬ápatients. Please phone for an appointment as we are not able to put this on the online booking system.