Request prescriptions

Some changes to how you will be able to order prescriptions …

Repeat prescriptions are only available for stable medical conditions which have had medication previously prescribed during a consultation by one of our doctors within the last six months. We want to make sure you have a variety of methods of ordering your repeat prescriptions at Travis Medical Centre but we also want to make sure we do so safely and within the guidelines of best practice.  To support this we will no longer be able to take prescription requests over the phone – please be assured you will always be able to  order your repeat prescriptions and these are the ways you can order your repeat prescriptions:-


ConnectMed – Level 2

Online ordering of your long term medications; it’s quick and easy and shows you the repeat medications you currently order.

It can only be used by registered individual (not suitable for families).

Once you are registered for Level 2 you can click on this link and it will take you directly to the ConnectMed Repeat Prescription portal.



ConnectMed – Level 1

Online ordering of you and your families medications; you will need to know what medications you are wanting to order and manually type these in.

It can be used for ordering prescriptions for family members.



Prescription requests can be emailed to our reception team  –



Written Requests

Prescription requests can provide written requests to the practice.  As from 30 September 2020 we will be removing the option for patients to ring their prescription requests in as we are finding this is causing confusion and errors.  Thank you for your understanding.



As from 1 July we will be removing the option to order prescriptions from our website.



If you are ordering a prescription to be faxed to a pharmacy we would appreciate it if you could pay for this through online banking.
This will avoid the need to send you an account with an additional account fee. Our bank details are:

Travis Medical Centre Ltd, Westpac, New Brighton – 03 0814 0001790 00


48 Hours Notice – we require a minimum of two working days notice for prescriptions to be processed.  If you do require your
prescription on the same day please make sure you let us know (before 3pm) and the fee for same day prescriptions is $30.00.

Please see below for additional information on same day prescriptions.


IMPORTANT NOTICE  – As from 19 March 2020 ALL prescriptions will be faxed to your nominated pharmacy.

We have temporarily reduced the cost of faxed prescriptions to $20.00 during this time.




AS FROM 1 SEPTEMBER 2019 – If you require a prescription on the same day please be aware there will be a $30.00 fee for same-day service (whether faxed or collected) and a $10.00 fee for same-day service for under 14s.  We appreciate this is an extra cost but “urgent” prescriptions add pressure and additional time demands to our team.  We would encourage and support our patients to always manage their prescription needs by requesting repeat prescriptions several days before their medication runs out.  If you are looking to order a same-day (urgent) prescription this needs to be done by 3pm.