For all of our wonderful 65 year olds we are providing the following options for you to receive your flu vaccination this year.

Saturday 17 April 2021   8:30am – 11:45am Walk-in Flu Clinic (no appointment required)

Booked Flu Vaccination clinics will be available on Thursday 22nd April, Friday 30 April and Thursday 13 May

The following is IMPORTANT information –

  • Do not get the flu vaccine if you have an appointment to get your COVID vaccine (there must be a two-week period between vaccinations)
  • If you are unwell, please do not get your flu vaccination – particularly if you have respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, temperature, runny nose, achiness)
  • You will be required to wait 5 minutes after you have received your vaccination

Please be aware we are NOT able to vaccinate anyone under 65 years of age until 17 May 2021; this is due to there be different vaccines for the over 65 years and under 65 years and is beyond our control.