Travis Medical Centre is a friendly general practice dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible to you and your family, to ensure total peace of mind.



“Well-being, together”


Quality                                     Connection                                           Respect                                           Trust

Delivering high quality         Working together in partner-          To always show respect                To be both trusted
care to our patients and        ship across the community             for each other, our staff,                and trustworthy.
community.                             and within our team.                      our patients and our community.

To strive for continuous
improvement in every-
thing we do.


He waka eke noa    |     We’re all in this together



Joining our nursing team … Adi Sher

We are very pleased to introduce you to our graduate nurse, Adi Sher.

Adi will be working closely with our nursing team to develop her working in
General Practice knowledge and, at times, will be present in their consultations.
This is a common practice, however, if you would prefer that this does not take
place with your consultation with our nursing team please let us know.
You have every right to decline having additional staff join the consultation
(unless they are acting as a chaperone).

Joining our reception team … Karen Duff

We are very pleased to introduce you to our new receptionist, Karen Duff.

Karen will be working at reception and joins our amazing team of
“Champions of First Impressions.”  Medical reception is a very busy and
challenging role so thank you for your patience and kindness as Karen fine
tunes her knowledge and application of our systems.


Taking care of YOU means we all have to take care of EACH OTHER.

You can help us keep our practice safe from COVID-19.  Consider telephone consultations if you
do not need to be physically seen.

Use the patient portal to make appointments and order repeat prescriptions.


Just like our country’s borders we need to protect our practice’s borders so we can continue to operate.
If a patient enters our practice with COVID-19 we will be required to close the practice
– we need to stay safe so we can stay operating.

  • Please always use the QR scanning code when coming into the practice AND use hand sanitiser.

We screen for high risk, this includes coughs and colds, anything could be COVID-19 without you knowing it.

  • So … please answer our screening questions honestly and DO NOT come into our building if you have
    cough, breathlessness, fever, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, diarrhoea, loss of smell.
    You will still receive care but we may need to do this outside of the practice
    (using our external room or carpark) or via telephone consultation.

If you are require a COVID test we can do this for you but you need to be triaged first and
booked into our COVID testing clinic, OR you can go directly to one of the following testing
centres –

Whanau Ora, 250 Pages Road,  7 days – 9am to 5pm
Airport End – 174 Orchard Road, 7 days – 9am to 4pm (12 August – 19 August)
Ashburton – Portacom, Ashburton Hospital, 10am to 2pm


News – July 2020 

Travis Medical Centre is pleased to advise that Dr Brandon Rickards will be joining our team
from the 10th August, 2020.

Brandon will take over the care of Dr Chima’s patients; we are looking forward to having Brandon on-board
and know he will be a valued and respected addition to our team, by both our staff and patients alike.


 Some changes to how you will be able to order prescriptions …

 We want to make sure you have a variety of methods of ordering your repeat prescriptions at Travis Medical Centre,
please be assured you will always be able to ring the practice and order your prescriptions but if you would like to
 electronically order your prescriptions these options are also available to you.  Refer to our Repeat Prescription
page for details on repeat prescription options.


News – November 2019

We have some exciting news about our ConnectMed Patient Portal!  We are sure you are already experiencing the benefits of making your
appointments online; we are now planning to extend this service even further to include being able to order your prescriptions through the
portal and some messaging abilities with your doctor.

Two important areas which you need to be aware of …

  • To access these benefits you need to have Level 2 access on ConnectMed, currently you have Level 1 access.  We are encouraging ALL
    of our patients to utilise the Level 2 access function.
  • To do this we do require completion of a consent form (including signature) and a copy of some for of ID (e.g. a drivers licence) – these
    forms are available at reception.
  • An additional benefit that you will immediately be able to access when you to Level 2 is being able to receive your lab results through
    the portal.  You will receive an email notification
  • advising you that you have results available in the portal.
  • In the future  we may remove the option to order prescriptions from our website – we will make sure this is communicated to our patients
    in a timely way.

We are confident that these additional services will improve your access with the practice.  If you want to find out more about the ConnectMed
patient portal site please check out their website …


Continuity of Care, Access to Appointments and our Did Not Attend Fee   … unfortunately there are times when patients make appointments
but do not attend their appointments.  This is disruptive to the practice and most importantly means that the appointment slot has
been deprived from another patient.  This does not support our position of providing continuity of care and access to appointments,
therefore to try and reduce our level of DNA’s we are introducing a standard DNA fee that will apply if a patient does not attend their
appointment and does not contact the practice prior to their appointment to cancel.  Every time a patient DNA’s they will
automatically be charged a $20.00 DNA fee.

Results – for more information on results please check the Health or Our Services pages.


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