“Well-being, together”


Accident care
Assessment and treatment of minor and moderate injuries, including sprains, strains and lacerations.
Asthma Education
Asthma is common and it’s estimated that 1 in 8 New Zealanders live with asthma.
While the exact cause of asthma is unknown, we do know that it does tend to run in families and is
associated with allergies. If you live with asthma, it’s important to know what your asthma symptoms are, what can trigger your asthma and what to do if it starts to flare up. At Travis Medical we offer nurse led asthma reviews and self-management plans to enable you to live well with your asthma.
Childhood Immunisation
Our Nurses are fully trained vaccinators. We will remind you when your next vaccination is due.
Blood Pressure – ‘Lofty’
Come in and visit our self-service height, weight and blood pressure machine (No appointment needed)
Diabetes Care
Diabetes can have a big impact on individuals and their whānau. We’re here to work with you and help minimise the impact of diabetes on your life. Our diabetes nurses work closely with patients to provide support and care to assist those with diabetes control. We offer patients lifestyle advice including nutrition and activity, medicine management and support.
Ear Hygiene

Emma is here on a Wednesday. Ear wax build-up is the world’s most common cause of hearing loss. Over time, wax can build up in the auditory canal connecting the outer ear to the eardrum. When this happens, you may notice a gradual loss of hearing. To avoid any damage to the canal, we can carefully remove any build-up of wax. The ear wax procedure is performed using an approved micro-suction to gently remove ear wax, foreign bodies, and debris from the ears.
Removing ear wax in this way is a safer solution to using earbuds, which push the wax further into the ear. Emma is an Enrolled nurse and offers the highest level of care.
The procedure is not painful, but you will feel a cool wind sensation and hear a loud suction sound.

Flu Vaccination
Immunisation is your best defence against influenza. Even fit and healthy people should consider getting the flu jab to protect themselves.
Blood Pressure Check
Come and visit ‘Lofty’ no appointment is necessary
Minor Surgery
Services include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various skin conditions. Minor surgeries (listed below) are carried out in the medical centre. Services Include: skin lesion excisions, excision biopsy, punch biopsy, excision of sebaceous cysts and abscesses, toe =nail wedge resection.
Cervical Smears
With your Doctor or Nurse.
Sexuality Orientation + Gender Identity
Wart Treatment
Liquid nitrogen is an effective method to treat a variety of skin conditions, essentially freezing the lesion for a few seconds. Sometimes more than one treatment is required.
Ring Pessary fitting
Insurance Medicals
Contraception and Family Planning
Is a recording of your heart’s electrical activity. Electrode patches are attached to your skin to measure the electrical impulses given off by your heart.
Overseas Travel Advice and Vaccinations
Please click on the link on our website to email Nurse Sue
Skin Checks
We are able to assess any suspicious skin lesions. Prevention is always better than cure. So slip, slop, slap and if you are unsure about a skin lesion, check it out.
Sleep Assessment
Home Visits
Driving Licence Medicals
Sexual Health
Health Improvement Practitioner
Health Coach
Social Worker

Allied Services

  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Pharmacy