Fees vary depending on your age, your entitlements to subsidies and the services we provide. We are happy to provide further information on request.

We are a general practice contracted to Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd Primary Health Organisation. The fees information given below is for those patients who are enrolled with our practice as a member of Pegasus Health.

The fees vary according to the age groups receiving government subsidies. The table of fees shows our standard consultation fees for enrolled patients in their respective age groups.

There may be additional charges for:

  • Accounts not paid on the day of consultation; please also be aware that any accounts that are unpaid at the end of each month have a $5.00 administration fee added to them.
  • Longer consultations or additional services provided – standard consultations are 15 minutes.
  • Patients who are not enrolled with this practice (casual patients)*
  • Home visits and after hours consultations
  • Nursing services
  • Did not attends (DNA’s – if you do not make your appointment and do not advise us you are unable to make it there is a $20.00 DNA fee for adult/child, DNA fee for minor surgery $75.00)

*Please note that patients not enrolled at Travis Medical Centre will pay a higher consultation fee.
Our bank account details for payment of fees is :
Travis Medical Centre Ltd, Westpac, New Brighton – 03 0814 0001790 00


Consultation Enrolled ACC 
Under 14 years Free Free
14 – 17 years


$13 *CSC


$13 *CSC

18+ years


$19.50 *CSC holder


$19.50 *CSC holder

*CSC – Community Services Card


Other services Enrolled
Prescription (18 years and over) $25 non-*CSC / $17 CSC
Prescription 14-17 years old $17 non -CSC/ $12 CSC

Please allow 2 working days when ordering your prescription (if urgent refer to urgent fees below).

Note: Repeat prescriptions are only available at your doctor’s discretion for stable medical conditions for which you have had medication previously prescribed by Travis Medical. A consultation with your doctor is needed at least every six months to allow a review of your medication. The prescription charge from Travis Medical is to cover the time it takes to check and generate your prescription, and includes nurse, doctor and administration components. Please note, some pharmacies may have their own charge for receiving a prescription.



Urgent prescriptions for same day collection must be ordered by 1pm
Urgent Prescription (14 years and over) $32
Urgent Prescription (under 14) $12


Some additional information.
Please be aware that ACC consultations are not funded; they are charged at normal consultation rates.
Patients that are over 18 and are new to the practice will be seen by our nursing team prior to being able to make appointments with their doctor; this is a 30 minute appointment and costs $30.00.


Non Funded Services Enrolled
Ear Hygienist

$60 (enrolled or Casual)

$50 (CSC or Gold card holder)

Cervical Smear – Practitioner $55.00

Cervical Smear – Nurse

 HPV Swab Consult – Nurse



Drivers License Medical – under 75 $75.00

Drivers License Medical – over 75                                                                                                                                                                                                Drivers License Medical – over 80 (includes Mini-ACE)





Flu vaccinations (if not eligible for funded service) over 14 $27.00
Flu vaccinations (if not eligible for funded service) under 14 $27.00
Home visits $100.00
Insurance medicals $85.00


Eligibility for funding cervical smears is as follows –

Maori, Pacific, or CSC women aged 25 to 69.
Females 30-74 who have never had a smear.
Females 30-74  who are 5 years or more overdue                                                                                      

*CSC – Community Services Card

Liquid Nitrogen (must be seen by Doctor first) less than 2 lesions over 14 yrs old $15
more than 2 lesions over 14 yrs old $25
under 14 yrs old $10
Minor surgery (including skin excision, punch biopsy, mirena,
Jadelles and IUCDs – if not eligible for funded service)
Varies – please ask for quote
Steroid injection (if not eligible for funded service) Varies – please ask for quote
Travel consultations (prior consultation with Sue Peers required)
(payment required prior to vaccines being ordered)
Varies – please ask for quote